AFT Michigan just sent out the latest updates about what all members need to know regarding MPSERS. Attached are FAQ's and a MPSERS breakdown summary.

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AAFMCC’s Expanded Tuition Reimbursement Program (TRP)

AAFMCC recently reached a “Letter of Agreement” with MCC regarding the union’s Tuition Reimbursement Program (TRP).  While members will still be partially reimbursed for classes taken here at MCC they can now also be partially reimbursed for classes taken at any four year accredited institution in the United States.  Details of the program can be viewed in the easy-view chart below.  E-mail Jeff Kass at with any questions.

In Solidarity,
AAFMCC Executive Board


Announcing the New AAFMCC Family and Community Scholarship Programs

We in the AAFMCC Leadership are proud to announce the creation of two new Scholarship programs toward the cost of taking classes at MCC.  

The first, the AAFMCC Family Scholarship, is for $1000 per academic year ($500 per fall and winter term) and is designated specifically for the child of an AAFMCC Member.  

The second, the AAFMCC Community Scholarship, is also for $1000 per academic year ($500 per fall and winter term) and is designated for any member of the local community.  


AAFMCC History

Routinely getting classes or having your schedule or textbook changed hours before a class started, and often after you’d made commitments to other jobs; sweetheart deals; inconsistent raise, peer review and administrative policies; lack of grievance procedures; working in fear that you had no other protection for your position than the good graces of your superiors and all the while whispering with colleagues in dark corners that there had to be a better way.